Hummingbird Announces a New Consultant

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Dear Hummingbird Client Family,

These past two years have seen remarkable changes and growth for Hummingbird and we are so thrilled about our team and the platform of services and expertise we now offer!

As many of you know, demand in some areas of consulting has outpaced our ability to support clients in a timely manner.  As such, we are delighted to announce that Susan Klembeck will be taking over as our Treatment Coordinator and New Patient Process consultant.  In our external search for a highly qualified candidate, we realized that we had an expert within our own team, and one whose expertise in financial systems will dovetail perfectly with her years of experience as a Treatment Coordinator.

Tracy Moawad will continue to work with clients already scheduled for TC training throughout 2018.  Going forward, her focus will shift primarily towards Business Operations, Organizational Systems and Management training in practices.  

We are confident this re alignment of consulting resources will serve you all extremely well, and allow us to meet your practice needs in a timely manner.  

As we look to 2018, we see great promise for what lies ahead and have high expectations for our Hummingbird clients.  The landscape in orthodontics is changing.  We encourage you to look at things through fresh eyes and consider new approaches.  As always, we stand by your side, ready to help you soar.


Karen and Tracy