Clinical Systems Consulting

Clinical Operations

  • Instrument Setup and Organization
  • Communication in Patient Education; Take home instructions
  • Goal Setting and Measuring Performance
  • Full Examination of Current Clinical Flow and Efficiency
  • Development of Custom Clinical Operations Manual
  • Treatment Card and Charting Protocol

Management and Leadership

  • Development of Clinical Morning Meeting
  • Defining the Clinical Coordinator Role
  • Clinical On-boarding and training process
  • Performance Reviews/Evaluations and Goals Process
  • Resolving Conflict and Staff Issues within the Clinic
  • Defining Job Descriptions and Responsibilities
  • Relationship Building and Resolving Conflict with Staff Issues within the Clinic

Clinical Training

  • Development of a Custom Procedure Training Manual
  • 12 Week Clinical Training Program
  • Training Programs and Protocols for the Entire Clinical Team
  • Indirect Bonding Process and Procedures
  • Chairside Technique; Ergonomics, Fulcrum, Patient Positioning etc.

Inventory and Sterilization

  • Complete assessment of Current Inventory Process
  • Development of Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Evaluation of Current Sterilization Systems


  • Defining the 7 C’s to communication in Orthodontics
  • Scripting for Specific Scenarios; Anxious/Difficult patients
  • Verbal Skills Training



Cassie Kellner

Clinical Systems Consultant

A master of organization and clinical systems, Cassie helps practices clarify job descriptions, develop verbal skills and clinical scripting, and design training manuals that provide for long term systems and success in the clinic. Cassie brings over 12 years of General Dentistry and Orthodontic clinical management experience. Cassie works with practices to define clinical operations protocols, assess clinic flow and efficiency, train clinicians on the latest techniques in orthodontics, evaluate inventory and sterilization protocols, and review the administrative aspects of orthodontic assisting such as treatment card, charting, and scheduling. 

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