Meet Our Consultants

Garrett Burnett


Garrett brings over 10 years of corporate marketing and event experience. With the majority of his marketing expertise coming from the ever-changing tech industry, Garrett works with practices to develop outside-the-box concepts and create and sustain growth in today's competitive landscape. From developing customized marketing plans, to training teams on social media fundamentals, and establishing a brand in the community that gets new patients in the door, Garrett provides the tools to help you develop, execute, and measure a marketing strategy that will grow your practice.

External Marketing

• Brand identity and design

• Community engagement

• Professional referral relationship building

• School partnerships

• Co-Branding 

• Experiential marketing

• Competitive analysis

Internal Marketing

• Practice branding design

• Patient amenities

• ROI tracking and analysis

• Budget development

• Project management and tracking

• Strategic marketing plan development

Digital Marketing

• Search engine optimization

• Social media strategy

• Reputation management

• Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

• Content marketing

• Team training