Meet Our Consultants

lindsay quinn

new patient Integration 

With over 14 years of experience in general dentistry, orthodontics, and personal development, Lindsay holds the wisdom and experience to transform Treatment Coordinators and the entire new patient team into a sheer power house. Lindsay assists practices in increasing their conversion rates through the implementation of modern and efficient new patient processes, scripting around same day starts, refining recall systems, and training new and existing team members how to consistently create an impeccable new patient experience. 

new patient Integration systems

• New Patient call effectiveness

• Verbal Skills training - preparing patients to start

• Customized Treatment Coordinator and New Patient team training program

• Detailed exam flow design and scripting 

• Fee presentation and treatment contracts 

• Protocol for same day starts

• Assessment of forms, letters, emails, new patient welcome packet, etc.

• Assessment of Observation Recall/Phase II Pending systems

• Follow up protocol for Start Needed, Ready to Start, and Obs Recall

• Customized New Patient Systems Training Manual