Meet Our Consultants


Raylyn Nelson

Financial Systems | Software Systems

Raylyn Nelson’s expertise spans over 28 years in the fields of Dentistry and Orthodontics. A well-known software systems trainer, Raylyn specializes in the set up and training for practice management software to help offices maximize efficiency.  Raylyn also applies her in depth knowledge of financial systems and protocols to ensure financial coordinators develop an in depth understanding of how best to manage financials including posting contracts, delinquencies, adjustments, negotiation of contracts, electronic insurance filing and follow-up, and data analytics.

Financial Systems Consulting

Accounts Receivable 

• Contract preparation and presentation

• Understanding adjustment types and their purpose

• Monitoring practice delinquencies

• Workflow protocol for Financial Coordinator role

• Collection protocols 

• Renegotiating a contract 

• Auto draft / FLEX spending accounts


• Estimated insurance benefits 

• Understanding insurance payments, waiting periods and deductibles and how they affect insurance contract

• Coordination of primary and secondary

• Processes for filing PPO claims that include additional procedures

• Claim monitoring

• Process for claim disputes/appeals

Software Systems Training

• Super Questionnaire

• iPad set up and training 

• Signature on iPad

• New patient welcome email

• New patient Health History w/ HIPAA form 

• Informed consent 

• Exam Super Questionnaire

• Patient letter template (adult and child) 

• DDS letter template (adult and child)