Meet Our Consultants

Raylyn Nelson


Raylyn Nelson’s expertise spans over 28 years in the fields of Dentistry and Orthodontics. A well-known and highly regarded software systems trainer, Raylyn specializes in the set up and optimization of Dolphin practice management software to help offices maximize efficiency.  

For practices converting to Dolphin Management software, Raylyn works closely with Karen Moawad to train staff and ensure Dolphin is configured properly prior to and during the implementation of Hummingbird systems.  For practices already using Dolphin, Raylyn is considered an expert in her field when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your practice management software.  Raylyn’s in-depth knowledge of Dolphin, combined with an understanding of how Hummingbird practices operate, offer a level of expertise and efficiency that is second to none.  Raylyn will optimize your Dolphin set up to allow for maximum automation and productivity, and train staff to use the system in new and powerful ways.  Custom designed boot camp training sessions are also available to address specific practice needs such as new patient integration, clinic software utilization, or team training refreshes.   

Dolphin Software Systems Optimization

• Super Questionnaires

• Mobile device (tablets and phones) set up and training 

• Patient communication systems (Appointment Reminders, Email, SMS)

• Customized email and SMS templates

• New patient health history w/ HIPAA form 

• Informed Consent

• Letter set up and optimization

• Surveys

• Customized D.I.R.T. Reports

• Electronic signatures