Treatment Coordinator & Financial Systems Consulting

Having an efficient and effective new patient process is an essential foundation of any successful orthodontic practice. Susan Klembeck works with practices using proven strategies that lead to increased patient starts and peace-of-mind for your practice's financials. 

TreatMent Coordinator Consulting

  • Assessment of current exam process
  • Exam script guidelines and exam flow
  • Fee presentation and contract set up
  • Protocol for same day starts
  • Hand off from treatment coordinator to the financial coordinator
  • Assessment of forms, letters, emails, new patient welcome packet, etc.
  • Follow up protocol for start needed, ready to start, growth guidance, etc.
  • Cadence and scripting guidelines for follow up
  • Process flow for new patient exam and growth guidance
  • Mapping workflow for treatment coordinator role
  • Assessment of current new patient call effectiveness – verbal skills, roles, scripting
  • Customized new patient script guidelines
  • Verbal skills training – preparing patients to start
  • Back up and cross training for new patient calls
  • Patient communication protocols
  • Cadence of enrollment calls

Financial Systems Consulting

It's no secret that the financial systems of your practice are a foundation of success. Taking the first step in the consulting process with a remote audit of your financial systems and protocols is the best way to begin the consulting process. You can look forward to gaining the following:

  • New Perspective: A third party assessment provides an unbiased appraisal of the key areas of your practice’s financial management processes that are not being managed effectively. It’s difficult to provide objectivity if you are self-auditing – there is simply so much “you don’t know what you don’t know.” What are the patterns and process gaps? Are adjustments being applied properly and are insurance guidelines being adhered to?
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing this high-risk area of your practice is on solid footing allows you, as the practitioner, to rest easier and move your attention to other things.
  • Technology: Audits can now be performed via remote access, which is more efficient for you and the auditor, and often the audit can be performed during evening hours with no loss of patient time.


  • Calculating insurance benefits to build an estimate/contract
  • Frequencies, waiting periods and deductibles and how they affect insurance contract
  • Claim content
  • Ranking of primary vs. secondary
  • Processes for filing PPO claims that include additional procedures
  • Claim monitoring
  • Process for claim disputes/appeals

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Contract preparation and presentation
  • Adjustments – understanding adjustment types and their purpose
  • Mapping workflow for Financial Coordinator role
  • Collection protocols / scripting and guidelines
  • Renegotiating a contract (at what point is it acceptable to renegotiate?)
  • Auto draft / FLEX spending accounts

Susan Klembeck

TreatMent Coordinator & Financial Systems Consultant

Susan Klembeck is an experienced specialist in the New Patient and Financial aspects of the orthodontic practice.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled as she develops your staff’s capabilities through effective strategies, analytics, and performance management.  New patient processes include fee presentation and contracts, insurance and PPO involvement, new patient letters and questionnaires, verbal skill training, and the conversion rate.  Financial coordinators develop an in depth understanding of how best to use your software to manage financials including posting contracts, delinquencies, adjustments, negotiation of contracts, electronic insurance filing and follow-up, and data analytics.