Financial Audit Service

Susan Klembeck

Financial Systems Auditor

Susan Klembeck is a seasoned Financial Systems specialist with over 25 years of experience in Orthodontics.  Hummingbird clients can attest to Susan's attention to detail as she systematically and throughly audits your practice financials.

A regular audit of your financial and insurance systems is a powerful tool in understanding any areas that might need additional training as well as areas that could be improved.  We highly recommend an annual or semi- annual audit to be sure all financial systems are accurate and remain on track.

Benefits of a financial audit

New Perspective: A third party assessment provides an unbiased appraisal of the key areas of your practice’s financial management processes that are not being managed effectively. What are the patterns and process gaps? Are adjustments being applied properly and are insurance guidelines being adhered to?

Peace of Mind: Knowing this high-risk area of your practice is on solid footing allows you to rest easier and move your attention to other things.

Convenience: Hummingbird offers remote access audits, which can be performed during evening hours with no loss of patient time.

Financial Audit Components

Your audit will include a comprehensive report outlining the following areas:

• Audit of sample patient accounts

• Audit of documentation in patient ledgers

• Contract Setup

• Adjustments

• Courtesies

• Insurance Discounts   

• Insurance Follow-up

• Credit Balances

• Receipts

• End of Day Reports

• Delinquency Ratios

• Recommendations