Our Philosophy

At Hummingbird Associates, our philosophy is to treat your problems as if they were our own. We work hard to give you more than you expected, not only in the quality products, programs, and services we offer, but in the results that these programs were designed to produce. No two client practices are the same. That’s why our consulting and training style is to listen to you, to understand your objectives, and work in partnership to accomplish these objectives. We’ll stay with you as colleagues to achieve mutually important goals together. 

Over two-thirds of our business is repeat clients. This is the result of delivering products that work, with ongoing personal service and mutual respect. We will be there when you need us.


Photo courtesy of Hummingbird client Mary Cooke, Cooke Orthodontics, Napa, CA

Our Team

The talented consultants at Hummingbird Associates assist orthodontic practices in identifying needs, resolving issues, and achieving organizational objectives through effective use of human resources. We work closely with the orthodontist and staff to customize a detailed and structured environment that maximizes the doctor and staff’s time and energies. An important aspect: we don’t just make changes and leave–we stay linked with your practice throughout the implementation process. In addition, our thorough Numbers Analysis allows us to monitor your growth and offer feedback.

Often, as I eat my breakfast, I see a flash of iridescent orange zip by the kitchen window and hover in mid-air at the lip of a flower. A hummingbird threads its long, delicate bill into the center of the flower, not even touching the petals and sips its breakfast. A moment later it is gone, having drunk only what was necessary and leaving the flower pollinated. Precise, efficient, agile, respectful. I think humanity can find no better teacher in the art of living.
— “The Lesson of the Hummingbird” by Eknath Easwaran