Partnering with Hummingbird Associates has been the secret of my success as the owner of a boutique practice. They took my goals and needs and helped me design the practice of my dreams!! Karen and Tracy have created an amazing team that can help you improve any area of your practice. I highly recommend them!
— Dr. Silvana Gonzalez, Pure Smiles Orthodontics, Austin, TX

We are enjoying your team as they create the Hummingbird Extreme Makeover on Steroids. Whew! There is so much to take in. Thank you to all the Hummingbird consultants for supporting us in making your vision, plan and organization a reality.
— Dr. Russell Chang, Chang Orthodontics, Los Alamitos, CA

Hiring Karen Moawad was the best decision I’ve ever made in practice. Karen and her team at Hummingbird Associates have an unbelievable way of organizing and restructuring an orthodontic practice using proven, time-tested systems. Before Karen joined our team, I felt overworked and the days were long. Now, my patients are treated better than ever, the days are smooth and we are more productive than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly, I have more time off to spend with my family. I would do it again in a heartbeat. For anyone looking to hire a consultant, don’t even think twice. If you hire the Hummingbird Associates, it will be a life-changing decision and you’ll never look back.
— Dr. Derek Sanders, Orthodontics Only, Miami, FL

Engaging Hummingbird Associates has allowed our practice to provide the client-focused experience we always strive for. Implementing their systems and strategies has helped our practice to run efficiently and to see our patients on time - and everyone knows how important time is. We now practice with intention, rather than hoping everything will just work out for the best. We can’t thank Karen, Tracy, Susan, Cassie and Garrett enough for their amazing guidance!
— Dr. Warren Cohen, Surrideo Orthodontics, Calgary, AB, Canada

Karen and the Hummingbird team will change your practice and your life. You are the specialist in Orthodontics. They are the specialists in running an Orthodontic practice. The limits of your success need only be constrained by your own life work balance. I have been a Hummingbird client for 10 years and will be until I retire. Hummingbird built the framework for what my practice is today.
— Dr. Brent Douglas, Ocean Orthodontics, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have worked with Karen and the Hummingbird team since 2006, but I was first inspired when I heard Karen lecture during residency. They’ve helped in every facet of my practice, from new patient exams to a re-organization of the practice and more. They inspire me to grow my practice and reach my potential and they help decrease stress by streamlining my practice’s efficiency. Every interaction with the Hummingbird team leaves me motivated, excited about what I do and with a clearer vision of where I’m going!
— Dr. Mary Cooke, Cooke Orthodontics, Napa, CA

Our work with Hummingbird began when we changed software and wanted to ensure there was a proper conversion. Karen ended up not only converting our software, but our way of thinking as to how a practice could operate. Karen has a magical intuition as to what is possible, the talent to build a schedule that will allow it to come to fruition along with the tools to monitor the progress along the way. We have visited many impressive offices over the years. It takes only a few minutes of being in a practice to sense who is running Hummingbird systems. Even the most intimidating looking schedule flows on time for the patient, team and doctor. The addition of clinical, financial and marketing consultants to the group has been a valued addition for customers. Tracy has brought fresh ideas with her ability to see the big picture and develop organizational protocols and systems.

Hummingbird clients all say the same thing with regards to their experience - we work less days, have more efficient and effective treatment, happier patients and teams, easier days in the office while experiencing growth and profitability that only Karen could have imagined.
— Dr. Ryan Hurley, Hurley & Volk Orthodontics, South Elgin, IL

Hummingbird Associates has helped make orthodontics more enjoyable for me while solving staff and scheduling conflicts that plagued us for years! Karen’s insight and expertise is unparalleled. Our practice has nearly tripled in 5 years and I am working 8 less patient days per month! Two thumbs up in a BIG way!!
— Dr. David McSurdy, The Smile Specialists, Collegeville, PA

Thank you for a wonderful consulting session. The entire team is so energized to take this practice to the next level. I can’t imagine how we (or any one) could have ever attempted to go thru the Dolphin conversion without you. I am going to organize my notes over the weekend and come up with a strategy with the rest of the team to implement some of the marketing ideas that we discussed.
— Dr. Paul Kasrovi, Berkeley Orthodontics, Berkeley, CA

Thank you!! What an amazing week! I can’t believe how much we got done… I’m so excited about the treatment plans and how that is going to change the way we see and treat our patients. You opened my eyes to a lot of things this week. I think the staff too is very excited about all the changes. You are truly inspiring! I have a lot to learn from you!! I’m planning on attending the leadership course… I think I need some guidance. Thank you so much! With love and a big hug!
— Dr. Eva Maestre, Central Park West Orthodontics, New York City, New York

Karen has helped me transform my office from a seat-of-one’s-pants operation to a more successful, organized office. Our financial systems, the schedule, our software platform and general ‘feel’ are transformed. We were doing fine before, but now we are cruising at highway speeds – all with more time off for me, so life is in better balance. Please contact my office manager if you have additional questions. I recommend a first consulting visit with Karen so that you can experience her energy and capabilities yourself!
— Dr. David Hughes, David Hughes Orthodontics, Springfield, VA