Strategic Partners

In an effort to ensure your practice is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have several strategic partners that offer highly customized services to Hummingbird clients.



Dolphin Imaging and Management

One of the keys to running your practice efficiently and effectively is the practice management software. We've partnered with Dolphin to provide key reporting and metrics for you to be able to evaluate and track your practice's success as well as consulting focused on ensuring Dolphin Management is properly utilizing Hummingbird systems.


MME Consulting

Hummingbird looks forward to expanding your practice’s success. Before Hummingbird begins consulting with your practice, we want to know your computer setup and network is on a solid foundation and running properly. MME Consulting has offered to review our client's existing networks at no charge to identify any potential issues prior to our arrival.  If you are changing management or imaging systems or are experiencing any hardware interruptions, this service is of immense value.  Additionally, MME serves as an experienced reference on installing VOIP phone systems. MME Consulting provides technology planning and implementation services to the dental industry.